words from grandma today

September 15, 2015

oh, my heart is so full.

i just hung up with the phone with my grandma, braving to return her call even as the boys run amok, hoping for a few quiet moments.

we talked through all that is happening lately; she wants to know how everyone is doing, and we process and sort through recent events like maddie’s return to school, caleb potty training, josiah’s healing, papa’s health, etc.

we talk through how hubby and i are approaching some parenting processes, and she tells me how blessed i am to have a hubby like mike. and then, that he is blessed to have me.

she then says, “you are such a beautiful couple.” repeated a few times, with emphasis. and more … that we are perhaps the most beautiful, wonderful couple that they know; that our marriage is certainly the envy of some, and that GOD has certainly blessed us.

my heart nearly exploded and tears filled my eyes.

how acquainted i am with how imperfect we are; how often i stumble in trying to love well, how often we miss the mark in doing this marriage thing really well.

and yet, grace. and as we like to say, ‘team green!’ commitment for life.

these words of encouragement from my most precious esteemed grandmother could not mean any more.

{and what a great reminder as i head in to this day, to press in to loving and supporting my gift of a hubby even more than ever. thanks, grandma}.


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