healing update

September 18, 2015

we met with josiah’s wonderful doctor yesterday. it’s been 5 weeks today since we got the (devastating world-shaking) report on his food reactions.

i left the appointment feeling encouraged! first, she said a few times how great josiah looked – how his appearance  and disposition was so much less “inflamed”, more settled, less reactive and heightened (my words, the gist). we’ve heard that from my family who sees him regularly, too.

it’s beyond obvious that we have removed foods that were unquestionably stressing his system, inflaming his body, triggering reactions and inflamation and ill-health. and to know that he IS being healed, that he IS responding and moving toward healing … well, there’s pretty much nothing better in the world.

that being said, we’ve got a ways to go. itching at night (and the accompanying sleeplessness) remain intense. in fact, the night before our appointment yesterday, he had been awake from 1:30 – 5:30 am .. itching, then hungry, then having his also-awake brother messing with him, then itching some more. the impact of that profound loss of crucial sleep is real and we are desperate for that to improve.

one of the things i absolutely appreciate about our doctor is her complementary approach: not all A or all B but she looks at the benefits and holistic picture. in our case, she believes eczema is an auto-immune disease and that there are times that the use of steroids are prudent in the long term healing picture. i shared with her that in the past, i think the dissonance i had with applying the steroid ointments (and seeing quick awesome short-lived results) had been because it has felt like a bandaid approach – fix the outside while continuing to subject him to that which is *creating the problem. it is so freeing right now to *know that we are actively and unwaveringly feeding him only that which we believe is healing and so the topical application for a very short burst of time will be a complementary action … a both/and. that resonates.

another light bulb moment came as we talked through his current diet. she repeatedly validated that this is intense and difficult AND that it is short term. she noted that his current diet is a “deficient diet” but i understand that we are not, in this short season, attempting to ensure he has this perfect well-rounded diet but instead aiming to *eliminate foods that are hurting him. that is not a forever strategy but one that is clearly moving him toward healing. and like she said, in many stages of parenting, the one you are currently in feels like how it’s always been and will always be and yet – we know that stages change. this one shall too.

we will continue on our current supplement protocol, continue to feed him from our restricted list, and look at some other things (stool sample to asses gut flora, parasites etc; do more to allergy-proof his room, etc).

as we left, she weighed and measured him and our sweet josiah is in the 75th percentile for weight (40.5 lbs) and the 90th percentile for height (44 inches)!  he is such a gift and delight … this amazing boy. my heart could burst!

giving love to papa last week

giving love to papa last week

with cousin hayden last week ;)

with cousin hayden last week 😉


One Response to “healing update”

  1. Stacy Says:

    Oh, Emily! That is so encouraging! So happy to hear this report. 🙂

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