November 14, 2015

my heart is swelling with gratitude as i sit down to write on this saturday afternoon. our neighbors, aka the professional neighbors, just stopped by. they are moving in a few weeks (he is in the military, getting transferred) and they stopped by to give us an early holiday gift – gift card to a local grocery store and a homemade ornament.

i really just can’t even put in words the way my jaw is dropping at their incredible kindness.

(and how GOD blesses us in so many ways large and small!)

this couple is in their mid-30s, no kids, and the complete embodiment of neighborly. almost every night (unless it’s snowing), they can be found on their front patio, drink in hand. they eagerly engage anyone that walks by and always welcome a visitor. they’ve stopped by many a time and i get (sometimes slowly and begrudgingly unfortunately) drawn in to a conversation and shift gears to just visiting.

we joke that they are “professional neighbors” because they always bring a gift or token of holiday cheer, before i’ve even given thought to perhaps baking a loaf of something sweet to share. and we laughed last year as i finally, proudly, prepared a tray of treats to bring them over the holidays and literally right before i did it, the hubby showed up with this *ginormous* platter of goodness. lol. they just can’t be beat.

they love to party hard and have profused thankfulness that we’ve “put up” with their noise, which makes me laugh because THEY have put up with all kids of noise emanating from the walls of this home … surely more than the occasional loud music during a weekend gathering that may come from their home.

it’s all good.

and i am feeling challenged today as i think about that picture of hospitality and welcome that they embody and that i often lose in the hustle of keeping up with my daily grind. they remind me to stop and welcome the conversation. to linger on the front porch and really get to know our neighbors.

i am really going to miss them.


One Response to “neighborly”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    Thankfulness for what *does exist.

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