surgery is set

July 8, 2016

i had a really great meeting with my local surgeon today and am thankful and relieved to have my surgery set – next friday, july 15th @ 7:30am.

the past week included a few more instances of angst and tension around my surgery choice and i am indescribably relieved to have the agreement of my local surgeon to do the surgery that i desire; to be supportive and to join those on my treatment team holding the belief that, in fact, this is MY body and as my lovely integrated oncologist told me, “they should not take out your body parts without your permission!” well, of course. except i often feel like i’m swimming upstream in holding this expectation. i have wrestled hard with this decision but have a solid and unwavering peace & conviction about my decision, coupled by the instinct that i need to have *courage* and not allow fear to sway me.

i see continued healing and strength in my future and am eager to walk that out.

so, my surgery is actually in 2 stages: next friday is the partial mastectomy and limited lymph node dissection … my surgeon said i may not even need to stay overnight, we will see how i feel and if there was more lymph node involvement.

my breast tissue will be sent to a pathologist to assess the presence of any disease.

once those results are clear, i will have the plastic surgery portion of surgery within 1-2 weeks … another outpatient procedure.

my sweet sister just asked me if i’m nervous for the surgery and i told her that i have total peace. strange. because the operating room terrifies me and i am sure i’ll be super nervous right before but again, overall and deep down, i feel good about it. thank GOD.



2 Responses to “surgery is set”

  1. xbartx2014 Says:

    Praying for you, and especially on the 15th. So thankful for the peace God has given you. He is with you.

  2. Leaves Heal Says:

    Hugs, Emily. 💜🐦

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