celebration in june!

August 12, 2016

(and a post without the word “surgery” in the title – glory!)

there is so much of life that is awesome and continues along and as always, there are amazing moments & sweet memories. i want to capture some of those recent ones here, and take a break from the big C! ha.

when i look back over june, i see a sort of visual rollercoaster – ascending up, then a dip down, then a glorious and prolonged swing back up.

weeks before chemo ended (may 19), my heart drew me toward gathering some of my loves in a celebration – heart bursting for many months with the innumerable kindnesses, the overwhelming grace and love shown, the gifts, the hugs, the deep soul-nourishing friendship. i *knew* i needed to gather some of these loves together and celebrate *them and the completion of chemo – their love having buoyed me through this dark chapter.

i am SO glad we gathered! the timing also ended up being a God-send: my hubby decided to spend that evening with papa in the rehab facility, watching a basketball game, helping papa eat and just being there for those hours. that was papa’s last night and we are so SO grateful for the gift of sweet togetherness that evening.

there is something about a large group of women gathered together, some kind of magic that my heart loves. june 5, you were awesome!



(my precious lifelong kindred girlfriend and member of the family, really – kristi … with my grandma and lovely aunt nancy)


these girls, so dear to my heart, so many prayers and miracles and life shared – ernestine & lori


i love the love captured here – you are so loved, gretch!


so much love and kindness right there! several dear friends that were out of town and were missed …



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