I am a thirty-something wife to my beloved, and mother to my ten year old sweet angel. I am home (at last!), embarking on our first year of homeschooling … a desire that God placed in our hearts a few years ago and has been faithful to allow. I am passionate about many things, and find myself stirred and inspired to learn and grow and seek. I love nourishing my family and pursuing health through how we eat and how we live … for me, this means whole, real food (most of the time!) and seeking daily to learn how to be the best steward of these earthly vessels!

I love relationship. I am married to the man of my dreams, a gift that I am thankful for daily! He is the love of my heart; a man after God’s heart who lives a life of integrity, service, humility and love.  And I get to be his bride! I am mama to my most precious Maddie and love her with a love that aches and explodes within me. She is a joy and my heart. I am blessed to have so many dear, amazing mama friends to share life with; to pray and laugh and encourage and be real. And we live near much of my family, which is a treat that I appreciate.

Most of all, I long to live a life that speaks of the power of the GOD that I serve. He brings life to death; restoration to brokenness; light to darkness. His Word is life and as I seek Him, He is faithful to be found.


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