Wednesday, I love you.

October 19, 2016

the gift of a few hours alone each wednesday has become a pocket of such refreshment and refueling. i am not sure i truly understood the deep and real ways that deep relaxation, invigorating creative work and simple pleasures just for the sake of pleasure – how these things actually move my body toward healing.

intuitively and experientially, i now know this to be true. we need to pour in to and build and prioritize the beauty, the quiet, the joy-giving, soul-filling, creative around us and within us.

i am so thankful for today, for every wednesday when i drop my littlest loves off to play and learn with others for four amazing hours.

my first stop is the sauna, which is like a literal happy pill that energizes, fuels and invigorates me *every time, in ways i couldn’t have imagined.

then, i allow myself the treat of tucking in to a local coffee shop (often parking and taking a brisk walk first) to read, write & study. bliss!!

today, after leaving the sauna, i couldn’t contain a big grin and drove on the back roads of town, windows down, music blaring … singing and laughing and feeling the deepest soul exhale.

it’s been so beautiful to shift away from what felt like an empty call in our culture for “self care” toward an understanding of the deep richness of cultivating quiet, creativity, and restoration on this path of healing. these pockets of time are a gift & this mama feels no guilt, only gratitude.




thankful tree

November 11, 2011

i was inspired by this, and we are so loving this project!!

it started with a nature walk a few days ago, collecting branches that had broken and fallen outside. the cool fresh air was just what we needed in the midst of our morning schooling and it felt really invigorating!

the next day, we assembled our “tree”, and maddie gathered many scraps of our papers (used for journals and other craft projects) on which we traced circles and then cut them out.

we put the circles and a pen in a little jar next to our tree, and add thankful notes whenever we are inspired.

it’s lovely and simple … don’t we all have so much to be thankful for? i am amazed and grateful.


May 18, 2011

there is this fantastic bush outside our bathroom window, that blooms every may. it makes me so happy! i love when i can see the hint of the blooms to come, and then they burst forth … gorgeous, pink, alive!

“how great are your works, O LORD, how profound are your thoughts!” psalm 92:5

josiah’s room …

March 9, 2011

we are making progress! it is indescribably amazing to go in to his room now … sit in the chair … and just soak in thoughts of having him here with us, in a few weeks!

he has no idea how much his big sister already adores him, and is sharing her love by creating beauty for him! she completed the set of paintings for his room, that flank his window on both sides.  a few weeks ago, she painted the “numbers” one; this past weekend, she drew and painted the “jungle” picture (inspired by his crib bedding). both are *awesome*!

here are a few shots …

the coolest artwork!

up close =0)

i *heart* this painting

February 13, 2011

my amazing maddie painted this last week! LOVE.  happy valentine’s day! 😉

what a generous gift!

November 12, 2010

i am smiling tonight as i think about the generosity shown to my daughter (and to me!) today. one of my dearest friends, jessica, *loves* crafting. she and maddie are kindred spirits in this regard. =) jessica has come over here on a number of occasions, bringing her “supplies”, sharing and teaching and creating alongside madison.

recently, she offered to have madison come to her home, on a weekly basis, and craft. the added gift? a few hours of “alone” time for me! wow. what amazing thoughtfulness. after all, this is a busy, homeschooling mama … who is carving out a few hours of a precious day to share with maddie? double wow.

today was day 1 … i dropped my girl off to jessica’s cozy home, where candles were lit, and crafting supplies were set up and ready. maddie was excited, albeit perhaps a little hesitant for mama to be leaving (although she’d been really looking forward to it). i was able to meet a girlfriend for a spontaneous coffee date – bonus!

after i picked maddie up and we were driving away, she was literally gushing with details of their incredible time together! she is such a gifted artist, and just loves and appreciates the details of different projects and designs, so she was delighted to learn amazing tricks and ideas from jessica. she cannot wait til next week!

i am so blessed and reminded by jessica’s example of the many “outside the box” ways that hospitality and love and kindness can be shown. thank you, sweet friend.

my sweet, artistic girl traced this design the other day … then, embellished with her colors and most importantly, her words (bottom right corner). from her heart. i was so blessed!

(“drawing is fun. there is no right or wrong. just be free and do the best you can.”)