big boys room

August 8, 2015

we finally did it: moved both boys in to their own big beds, in josiah’s room.

this move, or *some* move, has been months in the making. i’ve known we needed to do something, but i’ve been ambivalent … torn.

Switching up the status quo, even one that isn’t working, takes some inertia and energy, huh? lol. and then there’s that bigger piece, that i think was laying quietly beneath it all: i haven’t been totally ready to move past this season and move in to one where my boys are really just big BOYS. no more baby. no more cuddling for “nursing night night” with “baby” caleb. we have, by the way, done that nearly every night of his entire life and it’s been beyond sweet. words really can’t capture the heart-filing magic and sweetness of cuddling beside my squishy boy, nursing him as i comb my fingers through his hair, breathe in his yumminess and exhale the craziness of the day.

so, bedroom-switching. caleb’s technically been in our closet (his crib) although most nights is in bed with us. and josiah has been in his crib – still! – because … it’s worked. he has loved it, been comfortable and it’s a familiar cozy nest for him. so switching that up didn’t feel as urgent. i went back and forth about what to do – order a big bed for them to share? twin beds? i went through various scenarios of danger in having them alone in a room because they are absolutely still line-of-sight boys and cannot be unsupervised while playing because they ALWAYS hurt each other, scream, taunt, threaten, compete.

last month when i was gone overnight with girlfriends, hubby did some shopping online and ordered toddler beds to be delivered. i LOVE that he did it – just made the decision and did it.  i may not have ordered small toddler beds but it’s FINE and not permanent but a great transition size. he got lightening mcqueen for caleb and spiderman for josiah … great choices … plus bedding.

the beds arrived this past week and i did all the prep work to get rooms rearranged, clothing sorted and combined in one smaller dresser, bedding cleaned, new mattress purchased, etc. hubby got beds assembled late the night before last so we waited til last night. and last night was the first presidential debate so we got another late start.

i had forgotten in my planning that one major step in moving things around was that the crib needed to be taken apart and removed. hubby worked on that upstairs and i had some tears with him as i shared the emotional piece of all this change on my heart. (for him, it’s very matter of fact :-)). no more crib after over 4 years of a baby being in there; no more changing table dresser to lay and change babes (and big boys) on … the crib bumper and wall decor that matched, coming down. being replaced by crazy cartoon super heroes, lol.


once the beds were made and the room all ready and cute, maddie excitedly had the boys come upstairs to take a look. caleb was ecstatic! giddy! jumping in his bed, jumping out, exclaiming, hyper. josiah had a completely different reaction: he stood back, had a slow knowing smile with me, and wanted me to hold him. so we cuddled in the rocking chair and talked about this exciting change. but he didn’t want to lay in his bed. and it wasn’t quite bedtime so both boys went downstairs to finish their cartoon before bed.

i wanted to have a normal nighttime routine so we did the 2 things as usual: jammies & teeth. then hubby sat in the rocking chair in their room and read stories as he does every night. i could see as he read that josiah was super tired, on the verge of falling asleep, and was also very itchy. when those 2 things are in play at bedtime, i often rock him to sleep to soothe him and allow him to peacefully fall asleep (vs laying down itching). i rocked him but caleb was still very hyper and super excited about his bed. he was loud and had to have daddy remind him of rules and sit beside him, to quiet and rub his back. but it wasn’t working. he was keeping josiah awake so hubby took him downstairs. josiah fell asleep in my arms but not before caleb stomped back upstairs, making noise, demanding to be rocked, and eventually waking josiah. GRR.

eventually – like, a good hour more – i had rocked both boys to sleep and lay them in their beds. they were so delicious and precious sleeping soundly in their big boy beds. i came downstairs and collapsed on the couch with hubby. bone tired.

the rest of the story is funny: both boys ended up in our bed during the night but we have no idea how exactly. maddie says she heard josiah wake and saw him walking downstairs. but no one saw or heard caleb until i woke at one point and he was in bed beside us. i had expected to be wide awake, laying in bed in hypervigilant expectation of hearing them wake. i guess i was tired. 🙂

so we are easing in to this, lol. i had bought prizes and unabashedly bribed the boys that whoever stayed in their big bed all night until the blue sky morning, would get to pick a prize.

didn’t happen. maybe tonight? *dreaming*.

it does feel really good to be moving in the right direction. i am SO READY to have my room and bed back with just me and my man! even if they end up there by morning, having designated spaces for boys to sleep separate and away from us feels like a very good exhale.





totally sneakily took this pic of caleb after he'd fallen asleep

totally sneakily took this pic of caleb after he’d fallen asleep


and josiah :) phew that the flash didn't wake him up, lol

and josiah 🙂 phew that the flash didn’t wake him up, lol

healing path

April 5, 2014

our sweet little guy turned 3 this week. the aching love i feel for him is hard to put in words – he is *that* special. in so many ways, older than his three years … astute, hilarious, energetic, tender.

and his struggle with eczema has never been worse.

there is a black cloud of sorts – the only way i can really describe it – that hangs over me, over us … as his body is gripped with unyielding discomfort, consuming itching. i am SO DESPERATE for his healing.

things have shifted in to high gear the past couple months: i have done more research, more trying of new products, more dietary adjustments … and the end result: his skin is worsening.

last fall, we got him in to see a local allergy, asthma and dermatology MD and his recommendation was a long-term (no end in sight and certainly no “cure”) plan including the regular use of steroid creams. his opinion was that diet was negligible; he offered some great insight about immune system action and the way his body was manifesting a reaction to something – but no clear understanding of causes or cures. just symptom management. and because we were – again – desperate, we implemented his recommendations. josiah’s skin did improve but i also began seeing this intensity in his behavior (steroids?!) and he became *severely* constipated. direct causal relationship from the ointments? impossible to prove but after a few weeks, we tapered off.

another serendipitous happening this fall was my husband’s conversation with a local pharmacist. my hubby was at a local chain store, trying to decide which anti-itch ointment to try this time and decided to approach the pharmacist. they ended up having an amazing conversation that was followed by an email exchange in which the pharmacist (a fit, 30-something handsome guy) recommended a number of things that we are familiar with and in fact recommended a specific book that i had *just come across in my research the previous week and had ordered (“the eczema cure”).  a lot of confirmation about the path that we are on and validation that the path is not an easy one, for sure.

i want to share a portion of one of his emails as it is pretty incredible – heartening, honestly, to hear the words of someone deeply embedded within our medical industry: ” I am one of the few in my line of work who believes we are providing the farthest thing from healthcare to our population as a whole.  We have a system designed to keep people dependent and sick, and at no point
along the way do we seek to make them healthy or show them how to be healthy. And frankly, most people aren’t intersted.  They are far too ingrained in the system that feeds them a diet the makes them sick, then more sick, and a healthcare system that maintains their existence so they will forever be dependent, but never healthy.”

to say that his words resonate to my core – and my hubby’s – would be a deep understatement.

so fast forward to january,and our family does another Whole30. as always, i am hoping the changes in our diet lead to healing for our boy. i eliminated even more suspected triggers: tomatoes, coconut. still, no improvement.

i took josiah to see a local naturopath in january, and she was a  lovely woman. she was conscientious and covered a lot of ground, giving recommendations that included some topical ideas, a homeopathic, some vitamins and supplements.

nothing helped.

last month, deep in the throes of research, i sent an email to a local listserv and received over 50 heartfelt, insightful responses. so many ideas, healing suggestions, things that have worked for someone else’s eczema.

there is JUST SO MUCH. SO many ideas. so much information. and i have honestly tried so many things. in the past month we have easily spent $50 on the very best creams, each one feeling ok but none making a change. we are back to using some of the high intensity ointments because we are desperate for him to have relief.

what this looks like for our family in real time is that most every night, for several hours (typically 1-5am) he is awake and *miserable, consumed with itching. hubby and i take turns soothing, rubbing, trying the latest topical option, and have found our best tool is distraction. so he often will be curled on the couch, laying on a soft cool cotton sheet, with his beloved blanket and paci, and “ice pack” (plastic bag filled with crushed ice) and watching an episode of “Dora”. this seems the only thing to take his mind away from his skin and allow him to settle.

clearly, this is an untenable way to live. we are miserable and mostly just so SO desperate for our boy to be well.

we have a couple of next steps: i’ve had phone consults with two other local providers (a chiropractor/naturopath that has experience with eczema and begins with a round of thorough diagnostic blood work; and an accupuncturist that also performs NAET – google it!). we have an appointment with one of them this week.

as i’ve held josiah this week, praying over him, crying out for healing, i have been reminded of the meaning of his name:


i am claiming that healing for our boy and am believing for complete restoration of his body to strong health. i pray that our journey becomes something that allows us to share and encourage others on their healing path.


my boys. my precious, growing-up boys.

i am seriously behind on updates and it pains my heart to realize the time that has flown and the highlights that i have *not captured. so i am remedying that, for now. 😉 and be forewarned: this is long!

caleb michael

our squishy love bug who is honestly just so awesome. he makes my heart so happy. and sad, to see him growing and getting so close to 1 and then boom, he’ll be a big toddler?! whaaaat. stop.

daddy patio

but really, he is pure squishy goodness. he is mellow, happy, and quick to smile almost always.

he is *just starting to really move! he got serious about rolling over right as we were moving (mid-june) and just this past week is doing a flop/crawl and getting across the floor.  until now, he has been happily chill and in one place … which is lovely as far as supervision goes. 🙂 i am in no hurry for these big milestones this time around, that’s for sure. he’s been chubbily chill and we’ve been cool with it. lol.


just as i’d hoped, a rhythm is coming together and is looking like this, most days: he’s awake and ready to be up around 7am (laying in bed, nursing and cuddling before this). after being up about 1/2 hour, i feed him something … it varies but his appetite for food has been rapidly increasing. he’s ready for his morning nap between 9:30-10:00. he nurses to sleep and sleeps an hour, average … some days longer. shortly after morning nap he eats another good meal in the highchair and then plays … hangs out … often in the walker or exersaucer or with toys on the floor. he is ready for his afternoon nap around 2pm, again nursing to sleep. when he wakes, in about an hour, he’s usually up for the duration .. sometimes still sneaking in a quick evening nap (5pm-ish) but mostly up until he is ready for bedtime around 8pm.

it’s interesting: i’ve just totally had *no* angst and focus on the whole nighttime sleep/”sleep training” with this little guy. he sleeps happiest with me. so, i lay him in his playpen (in our walk in closet in our room) when he first falls asleep and he sleeps for a few hours. then he wakes, i bring him in our bed, and he nurses back to sleep. we basically sleep well til morning after that. i am wondering when i will have that sense of – i am *done* with this arrangement and ready for change. i don’t have that deep motivation yet. mostly, he is SOOOOOO precious and soft and yummy and cuddly that all is good.

one funny thing: he goes totally crazy stressed out wacky when he sees hubby – until hubby holds him. seriously. like, arms pumping and grunting mad until daddy holds him. every single time. to the point that i hesitate to bring him with me to hubby’s office if i am taking him a cup of coffee or something, lest the freak out mode ensues. ha. he does love his daddy, that’s for sure.

and he loves his brother, despite the occasional abuse inflicted upon him. he laughs hysterically watching josiah, and just lights up whenever his brother is around. they are so stinking cute together.

his hair is noticeably growing the past few weeks. it never fell out like josiah’s did, but looking back i can see where it looks thinner … now just this golden brown preciousness, and starting to curl around the edges. 🙂 love.

sleeping love

not sure his weight, but he is fitting in 18 months clothes generally, size 4 diaper.

he loves avocado (in the spoon), real food (like ground beef and rice with broth) and occasionally purees. i am completely relaxed about food with him (too much maybe?) and let him sample what we are having when he clamors for it. which is usually always. he prefers things off our forks. he is a pro drinking out of big cups.

sunday night i left him with daddy for the first time since his birth! i was invited to a concert at britt with a dear friend (what an incredible night!) and my sweet friend lori gave me some of her frozen pumped breast milk. (i *hate* pumping and only did a few times with caleb. it’s just a pain and i’ve had no need to, until now. and after the move, i can’t find the pump – darn!). he took the bottle – some of it – and otherwise did fine with daddy, despite some tears. he was sleeping on hubby’s chest when i got home, both of them snoring away. presh.

he has completely lost interest in the pacifier in the past month. he used to take it when he was really tired, and it was a tool in him falling asleep. but during our transition month, he became less and less interested … and now, it’s been many weeks since he’s used it. cool by me.

he is so verbal! lots of “tuh tuh tuh” and “duh duh duh”.

he is pulling himself up to standing and *loves* standing up.

he is a pure joy, a gift and blessing.

on "the blanket"!

on “the blanket”!

here is josiah on that blanket at nine months … fun to see!

at the park a few weeks ago ... fun!

at the park a few weeks ago … fun!

josiah michael

where do i begin with this boy?? this incredible boy, who so often seems way older than his 27 months.

his language is mind-boggling at times. more than that, his thought processes and comprehension. and memory. just the other night, i was putting lotions on him and he held up the container (of his recent favorite, organic african shea butter) and he said, literally: “the lotion’s almost gone, mama. we need to go to the store and get some more.” yes, we do, my sweet son. crazy.

he loved this stroller at uncle jerry's house!

he loved this stroller at uncle jerry’s house!

he maintains his deep love for “trash” … all kinds, especially in cans. this may be his life calling. lol. if a lid is ajar (on a trash can or *anything, really) it must be closed. he likes nothing better than to get to take out the trash.

he is JUST like his daddy: detail-oriented. he will stop in his tracks and reverse course to go close a drawer or door or cupboard left open. he knows where everything belongs and loves returning things to their place.

he loves his blanket and paci more every day i think. we are in trouble, haa. he has this certain voice when he wants it, and it’s usually when he is sleepy or wants to sit on the couch and watch a show (his faves are dora and “strawberry cupcake”).

he says “good” like this: “gwid”.

he knows all his numbers and many letters. last week he was drawing “1” all over the place.

he continues to have an eerie memory for books. like, after hearing them a FEW times, can recite full pages. even if it’s been weeks. yesterday i said a phrase similar to one in the book “wemberly worried” ( i said, “big ones, little ones and things in between” about something) and looked at him and asked, “which book was that from?” and he smiled and said, “wemberly worried.”

silly boy in seattle!

silly boy in seattle!

his total favorite books right now are all the ones that have dump trucks (“dunk trucks”) and tractors. his obsession.

when we read, he points to things and asks, “what’s this? what’s this?” about random little objects on the pages. constantly. he is soo curious.

he was sitting at his little table for meals (next to our regular dining table) but that was crazy – he would get up constantly, eating mid-walk. no thanks. so we’ve put the booster seat on a chair at the table. much better.

this morning before breakfast he asked for us to pray. after we prayed i said, “thank you, josiah” and he said, “thank GOD.” yes, my love.

he is so willful! and SOOO nonstop. really. lately, he’s been throwing things … just because, or when he’s mad. he tests boundaries constantly. and he loves them – the boundaries – happily repeating them. his favorite boundary is one that daddy drilled in to his brain: NO walking in the street. ever. he is so darling about this one, paying close attention and asking to be held should we park where he is next to the street, etc.

he got a trike last week which is great! perfect for him. he is doing great on it, with a little push from behind he’s got it.

“i do it! josiah do it!” is his favorite phrase.

he takes a great nap every day, usually 1:30-4pm.

sleep had been pretty rough at night, with his poor skin bothering him so bad. 😦 hate it. his eczema has been worse lately … more than ever. and he was miserable at night. we saw his precious “doctor” last week (really, a FNP) and got a referral to an allergist in order to know for sure what may be underlying things. for now, we continue to try any measure we can to help and heal. eczema aside, he does great sleeping: bedtime routine is a bath, lotions and teeth, then books (with me, usually at least 4 books!) and then some rocking. (one of our little routines, and sorry if this is tmi, but after reading i tell him i will rock him for a little bit. he asks to see “nursings” and i say, “how many?” and he smiles and says, “you always say two!” because i used to say that to him! so he cuddles next to nursings for a few minutes. happy boy :)) then it’s in the crib, night light on, paci and blanket in hand. he plays in there a bit before going to sleep.

oh! so for a time there he seemed so shy around friends but oh boy has that changed. he LOVES family, friends, seeing people. and a few times he’s loved it *too much, hugging the littles a bit close or tight when they are not wanting so much affection. 🙂 it’s hard, teaching boundaries and respectful play rules at this age … we are learning. lots of learning about taking turns with his brother, especially because they always want the same toy at the very.same.instant. of course.

yesterday he looked up at me with great animation and said, “hey!!! wanna make a smooo-vie, mama??” love!

i cut his hair last week … second time and i perhaps went a little overboard this time, determined to get the hair out of his eyes (it’s been bothering him a lot). his hair is so gorgeous and forgiving, so hopefully it is ok. i think he is pretty darling.

hair cut 7-26

our sweet boy, my baby, is 6 months.

how is this happening?! i just read josiah’s 6 month post and it’s so interesting to read their similarities and differences! most notable for me is that caleb is NOT moving, haa! like, at all. the boy hasn’t fully rolled over yet!! crazy. and yet, fine. like his pediatrician (love love love her) said, bigger babies often roll later. there is just more to roll.  at his 5 month appointment, he was in the 100% percentile for weight and the 90% for height (or vice versa, don’t have the stats right here) so yep, there’s a bit more to roll than his long lean green bean big brother!

he is a perfectly angelic sweet love. truly. he is content, smiles generously and constantly, and loves spitting, making raspberries, and silly voice sounds. he grabs like a madman, often yanking the attachments from his exersaucer, and gets them quickly in his mouth. and yes, he is finally enjoying the exersaucer! he still will chill in the bouncy seat, entertained by the dangly things to grab. his reflection totally tickles his socks off!

he is on much LESS of a rhythm and schedule than josiah was … i generally just feel SO MUCH MORE relaxed about making sure everything goes “just so” – the structure provided me beautiful sanity with josiah, but with caleb the flexibility is working best. mostly, he eats every 3 hours but truly that is a rough estimate. and mostly, he is on a sleep-eat-wake cycle but again, there are days that feeding him to sleep works best (when nothing else will).

the past several days have been tricky about the getting-him-to-sleep process. unfortunately, CIO (crying it out) just isn’t tenable with my babies, who itch terribly (and the crying and upset worsens the itchies). poor caleb’s head and neck are really irritated and itchy, so he often has a hard time settling to sleep ;( i have this soft little “brush” that i use to brush, brush, brush his hair and he loooooves that. swaddling is out – he breaks free quickly. sometimes face down will be a happy place for him but other times, he’ll just rub his face so hard (with “gloves” on his hands always). i’ve found that burrowing in to a blanket, with the paci and some head brushing, tends to settle him happily.

i am feeling the need to create more consistency with the nighttime routine. i don’t bathe him nightly, but he definitely is sleepy and i’ve found that it’s really “bedtime” for him in the late evening (7-ish). i’ve been putting him in the playpen near our bed and he wakes again for sure (sometimes multiple times, especially if i’m trying to watch a show! lol) between 9-10pm-ish. then a few times lately i’ve been able to lay him right back down in the playpen and he’ll sleep a couple more hours before waking.

i’ve had such a beautiful shift in my mind about the whole (loaded, heavy) subject of SLEEP. it’s such a focus: how’s your baby sleeping?? and the million dollar question: is he sleeping through the night?? and i’ve just accepted that during this season of parenting babies, i won’t get a lot of sleep. and that’s ok. really, it is. when i let go of this angst about not getting “enough” and just surrender to what is, a great peace follows. my sweet baby loves cuddling with mama. and honestly, when i blink he will be almost 2 like his big brother, a big boy sleeper, and these yummy infant days will be gone. so it is ok, fine and dare i say pretty normal? that he loves closeness to mama; that he is most comfortable right there?

he has just started showing interest in foods the past couple weeks, and i’ve been in no hurry to start feeding him. i *finally pumped some breast milk last week (first time) to mix with a banana, which we did on sunday. he was mildly interested but of course not very “successful” with getting much in his mouth :). i haven’t given him any more. i did buy some organic brown rice cereal and may try that soon. we’ll see.

he is losing hair, just like josiah did … so it’s kind of patchy in the back but he still has quite a bit on top. can’t wait to see how it grows and changes!

oh, how you are loved, sweet baby caleb!!! 

my precious babies, love ...

my precious babies, love …

can't resist this one!

can’t resist this one!

squish! those feet!!

squish! those feet!!

a bit blurry but hilarious! eating up the exersaucer.

a bit blurry but hilarious! eating up the exersaucer.

hi self :)

hi self 🙂

fell asleep on daddy, holding his hand like this ...

fell asleep on daddy, holding his hand like this …

partial roll? :)

partial roll? 🙂

i am SO overdue for an update, especially on josiah. too much twiddling my thumbs, i guess … hee hee! i have the evening home “alone” (hubby and daughter at a musical, boys are both *finally asleep) so i am grabbing this moment to capture the many thoughts and highlights swimming in my head.

caleb is absolutely delicious, and so GOOD. just plain squishy sweet goodness … 

he pretty much *never* cries, unless he’s at that cusp of super-tired, needing a swaddle, pacifier and mama’s arms

he is on a great rhythm of sleep-eat-wake time. (the predictability that this gives to our world is a mandatory sanity-saver for me. i am not super rigid about most things but this rhythm, it’s essential)

at his 8 week appointment (he was technically 9 weeks), he weighed 15 lbs, 4 oz {100th percentile!} and was 24 1/2 inches long {90th percentile!}

he is already wearing 6-9 months, so bittersweet how fast he’s growing

he has been cheeseball grinning and has giggled a few times

he loves laying under the “playgym”, staring at himself in the mirror

he is easy

or maybe i’m just much more relaxed 🙂

i sometimes feel guilty that i’m not giving him more attention; he just chills so much, and is content.

nights are still in flux. he sleeps best next to me {of course} but i’m less interested in this arrangement (!) so am working on getting *up* and nursing when he wakes (every 3 hours). it’s just so hard, and so much easier at times to have him by me, nursing. but then i wake in the morning super uncomfortable, unsure when he’s last fed, his diaper is soaked … it’s just a bit more looney feeling.

his skin started getting dry and showing ezcema around 9 weeks … SO sad. trying – again – everything. i just made up another batch of the homemade beeswax lotion, this time adding vitamin e. he has started swiping his head/face, and has left a few scratch marks 😦

i just started carrying him in the baby bjorn and LOVE it. the moby was great for the first many weeks but he got really just too big, but still was wanting to be in that curled-up position which doesn’t suit the bjorn and ergo so well.

on the same blanket i took josiah's monthly pictures

on the same blanket i took josiah’s monthly pictures

9ish weeks

blurry,  bummer ... but the rolls are hilarious!

blurry, bummer … but the rolls are hilarious!

my favorite way to hold my babies ... want to memorize and freeze this moment.

my favorite way to hold my babies … want to memorize and freeze this moment.


josiah is the most hilarious, brilliant, joyful and joy-giving little man!!!

his current obsessions: trash (as in, he asks to see the trash can *immediately* at mom’s and grandma’s, must help take it out here, talks about “trash” … just obsessed);

“clean up water time”  – he asks multiple times a day to play in the water in the kitchen sink.  nothing fancy: just a few cups, running water, he pours and fills and pours and fills …

dora and mickey mouse (love you netflix!)

he is *finally* sleeping great (mostly!) bedtime is 7-7:30 and he sleeps til at least 7:30. then he takes a good 2+ hour nap midday.

he has a huge basket of books next to our cozy glider rocker in his room and we always read before nap/bed. he always has his favorites; tonight he requested a new book, “see boy holding trash with daddy, wearing hat.” yes, there is a page with that picture!!

he goes nonstop. NONSTOP!

his language is wildly incredible. complete sentences. and super darling iN his expression and intonation, especially, “oh my goodness gracious!” with darling inflection! he accurately will say, “siah’s laughing!” “baby caleb’s crying”, “mama’s smiling” etc. pretty darling.

he has great manners!  “thank you, mama”; “you’re welcome!”; “bless you” (when someone sneezes)

he has a big boy table anD chair set and he loves to sit there and eat, but he’s mostly still in his high chair

he is getting a little more picky with eating … used to eat anything, but obviously had preferences. he has and continues to prefer “meat!!”, but likes fewer vegetables now. he loves spaghetti, noodles and of course, meat. tonight he inhaled 2 bowls of baked chicken over rice. he loves cereal, sausage/turkey bacon toast w/jelly, pancakes and waffles for breakfast. lunch and dinner is whatever we are having, and his tastes change. he was loving pears for a while, and now not so much. i offer a variety of good stuff constantly. he loves fruit smoothies – “moovee”.

he is still our long, lean string bean! he wears mostly 2t, although still fits in some 18 months.

he can count to 13! the other day he completely cracked me up, and he knew it! i thought he could just count to 11 so we were rocking, cuddling and counting. we get to 11, he looks at me with a smile and says, “twelve” then starts laughing hysterically! we both were laughing so hard, and he was saying, “siah laughing!! mama laughing!” which made me laugh more. i love him SO much!!!

speaking of love, that boy loves his daddy. oh my. he just melts in to him, seeks him constantly to play, “daddy fix it”, “daddy hold you”, etc.  {and honestly, it feels so good to this mama to have josiah seek daddy as much as me for that comfort lovin. it’s worked out beautifully and organically, really … how my arms are often full with caleb and josiah is perfectly content and glad to be with daddy!}

he is learning colors and can sing almost all of “jesus loves me” and the “abc’s” about halfway through.

out of the blue, he will say, “cuddle blanket?” and want to go cuddle on our bed! oh my, melting heart … YES to cuddles! always.

he and his sister have special fun together … they love to play in “sister’s room”, wrestling on her bed, playing with “kirby” (beloved stuffed bear).


j and dad