miscellany monday

October 18, 2011

{something new and fun … this ‘miscellany monday’!}

1.  this gorgeous, stunning fall weather is making it much easier to say goodbye to the (beloved) summer. i spent the afternoon in ashland with the kids and there is just no more lovely place in the fall then that yummy little town … i love it. we had a blast.

2.  me and the kiddos went on a fabulous homeschool field trip a couple weeks ago, to our local harry & david store. it was like an entire pocket of life in this area was unveiled … seeing hundreds and hundreds of workers doing the various aspects of intricate factory work to create products that are shipped internationally. very cool.

(in front of our tour bus) 🙂

the candy factory was, hands down, totally awesome:

3.  i am missing my out-of-town hubby … but can i just share something cool?! so, he is not only the most tender, devoted, loving hubby … but he’s also so dang smart and i love having a man whose intellect and mind i totally respect and admire. so he is a mentor at this journalism entrepreneur 3-day event, and for one of the sessions, the mentees are divided in to groups, like “networking”, etc. the group my hubby is leading? “brains”. no kidding! {i had fun giving him a hard time, mr brains.}

4.  josiah has tried lots of new food things this past month and i am deciding about what to try next … he is definitely wanting to gnaw on chunks – the purees are getting a bit old at times – but i am so leery about choking. so, we’ll see what it will be. baked butternut squash, broccoli? i am thinking it’s time to bring in the high chair this week, which feels like he is such a big boy! but the bouncy seat and/or bumbo feedings are getting way too awkward.

5.  we are living in pretty radical faith and ((once again)) we have experienced provision just in time, just what we need! it’s amazing and wild and uncomfortable, living in this space of radical faith. and i wouldn’t be living any other way. thank you, LORD, for Your lovingkindness.

6.  speaking of faith, i am reading crazy love and it’s extraordinary. plain-spoken, convicting, truth-telling. i feel inspired, spurred on, and challenged.

7. and on faith again (a theme here), i got an “abnormal” test result back for a routine test last week. my default in such situations has been: worry. and i decided, literally while on the phone hearing the results, that i want my default to be faith, not worry. period.  and amazingly, i haven’t had the pit-in-the-stomach funk that usually grips me. yay! i believe i am fine.

8.  this friday, we are hosting (at last count) 24 kids and 9 mama’s for our homeschool co-op! we are teaching about tanzania … i had NO idea what an incredible country it is, so it’s going to be a blast to teach. maddie is really excited and has so many ideas! we are teaching to kids ranging from babies to 15 years, so it’s a little daunting but i am optimistic. 🙂

9.  this sunday is josiah’s dedication at church! oohhh, how thankful we are for this precious gift.