September 8, 2012

last night was such a treat.

one of my dearest friends has been offering to give me a complete pedicure, but i hadn’t taken her up on the offer … embarrassed at my dry cracked feet? feeling like it’s such a HUGE gift and feeling a bit self conscious about it?

but she insisted. 🙂 and i am so glad she did! she wanted to have it done before the baby arrives, which is totally awesome.

so last night was the night, and she completely spoiled me. she called first to see what my favorite drink was. and did i like hershey’s chocolate?? hee hee.

she spent over TWO hours laboring over my feet … scrubbing, soaking, rubbing, buffing, filing, and painting. all the while, she had bowls of chocolates next to me, with a cool drink and a hilarious comedy movie playing on her big tv. we laughed and watched the baby move the ENTIRE TIME in my belly (tidal waves of crazy!) and i laid my head back and just soaked in the goodness.

seriously wow. 

{oh, and the color?? this totally awesome slate gray with glitter topcoat. something i would *never* normally pick but i wanted something funky and different. it’s hot!}

thank you, friend!!

and speaking of spoiling, the morning before another dear mama friend showed up early on our doorstep, bearing gifts … seasonings (cinnamon, real salt, thyme), big jars of coconut oil and olive oil, teas and other sundry treats. so blessed!


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